Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Never trust a Greek man

How strange is it that the main emotion evoked in me by the Microeconomics final is one of newfound respect for my Greek professor? That was one kickass paper - tricky yet not unnecessarily so, covering fundamental concepts in an applied (read: disguised) manner. One dark, twisted part of my mind actually found it rather fun. Nothing could have prepared me for how difficult it was. Understood what was actually being taught in class? Natch. Did and re-did the exercises? Natch. Breezed through the sample exam? Natch. Aced - nay, completed - the actual final? So not natch.

Hello z-curve! I'm almost inspired enough to junk Finance for Grey's Anatomy.

Monday, March 06, 2006

How low can you go?

The ignominy of it all! After two wasted trips to pick up the statistics past year exams I had sent to the printer one floor down, I decided to stake out the printer from my vantage point upstairs. Dutifully lined up my print jobs, listened out for the sounds of the printer kicking in, and leaned over the banister like a child waiting for Santa Claus. I'm surprised it took me as long as ten seconds before I squealed at the guy riffling through my printouts. Don't say I don't give people the benefit of the doubt.


Just came out of the accounting final - suffice to say that I'm scared shitless enough to head straight to the library. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. It's as if someone just slapped me over the head with a wet tuna, and about time too. Somehow, "I just need to pass" doesn't quite cut it anymore. That's just self-justification and reassurance, when what I need is a liberal dose of wake-up-and-smell-the-euros-you-just-flushed-down-the-toilet. And maybe a good spanking when it's all over.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


I guess it's pretty obvious from my recent lack of entries that Period 1 exams are finally upon us. I say 'finally' not in the sense of something that comes at the end of a long wait, but in the sense of a deer caught in headlights that is finally put out of its short-lived but undeniable trauma.

In related news, I'm beginning to find financial accounting rather fun. It could be the hours spent holed up in the library with an accounting textbook and a bagful of snacks - through some perverse neuro-reengineering, my brain may have come to associate Accounting with Chocolate. Or it could just be my inner troll talking.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Stopping by woods on a snowy morning

First full-on snowfall since my arrival, as seen from inside a moving car. Just in time for the exams! It's strange how a couple hundred thousand fat flakes of snow can make me so happy. Stepped out of the house Tuesday morning to a brand new winter wonderland and had to be (self-)restrained from tossing myself, pink coat and all, onto the ground to make a snow angel.

Fast forward one snowless day later, I'm lumbering through an econ mock exam in the library, and suddenly L starts jabbing towards the window. I turn my head to look outside and literally cannot help a big stupid grin from spreading across my face. Hey, it's white, it's fuzzy, and it makes trees look like fantasy confections dipped in icing sugar. Can you blame a girl for childlike wonder?