Monday, June 09, 2008

No surprises here

Wow - talk about procrastination. I think I have exceeded even my own expectations, if such a thing is possible. Maybe this post should be titled "Reasons for the Delay Since My Last Post, a.k.a. Character Flaws of Macaloon, Volume 6, Chapter 3 (condensed)". Since we last met, I have graduated from business school, moved to London by way of Singapore and New York, started a new career, met old friends, met new friends, eaten my 100th macaron - and still fear that I have nothing different to say. Or is my fear really one of performance trailing ambition, fear that the words in my head will seem a lot less compelling on screen? Or maybe it is fear that my words will fall on deaf - nay, absent ears, that the tree in the forest will have no audience and therefore be destined to stand for always.

I cannot decide.

What I do know is that unless I publish this right now, I will find another excuse to add to the dozen or so half-written drafts in my account. So bear with me as I issue this public challenge to myself - and see you again very, very soon.


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